The Boss Room: A Video Game Podcast

Episode 41 - The Rise of Bluetooth

September 23, 2021

Let's party like it's 2005... Bluetooth audio finally arrives on the Nintendo Switch! Was it worth the wait?

Also, a major Playstation 5 update supports 3D audio through TV speakers! And the Castlevania GBA Collection for the Switch is here!

Plus, what was Shamster’s spontaneous Boss Hunt find? Hint… it’s super retro and super cool.

Kos is warming up for the Metroid Dread release… find out how. Oh... and the 3DS has the best games library of all time! We discuss why.

Wanna know how to easily remove sharpie from your retro cartridges? We've got you covered!

You'll also find out what we've been playing and a whole lot more in this week's episode of... The Boss Room. Enjoy!

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