The Boss Room: A Video Game Podcast

Episode 34 - Twenty Twenty-dud

August 5, 2021

In this week's episode... we discuss the year of [more] delays. Plus, will we get a Last of Us 2 Director’s Cut? And is the PS5 the worst console launch of all time? We cover both sides!

PS5's  internal storage can now be expanded... but is it worth it (yet)? We share our thoughts on this month’s batch of Playstation Plus games, too!

What one game would we choose to add to Nintendo Switch Online? Find out, and let us know if you have better picks.

More topics include: What is Nintendo’s 2021 holiday games lineup? Zelda Skyward Sword (spoiler free) talk. Shamster’s Sega master system and retro pickups! The cost of Metroid and Castlevanis games are crazy high right now!! And what makes a collectible game “complete”?

All of that and more in this week's episode of... The Boss Room. Enjoy!

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