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Episode 51 - Flames

Episode 51 - Flames

January 20, 2022

Attention all video game enthusiasts! The latest weekly episode of The Boss Room has dropped!

We know it's hard to keep up with the world of gaming. So, we do it for you... and fill you in on the good stuff!

This week, subject buffs Shamster & Kos (and Imamu drops in!) dish out the latest Nintendo Switch Kirby game details. And wow... it is looking great!

Plus, Sony plans to ramp up PS4 production. But why? And what will that mean for the PS5? We'll tell you.

And what does G.I. Joe and Pokémon have in common? You'll find out.

Also... Kos breaks down his Pokémon game collection. Will he be able nab them all?

Is now the time to buy a Nintendo DS? Did Gamestop screw over its most loyal customers? And what's up with Imamu's custom arcade cab?

All of that and more in this week's episode of The Boss Room. Enjoy! 

Episode 50 - Dance Club Simulator

Episode 50 - Dance Club Simulator

January 13, 2022

In this week's episode, we update you on all things PSVR 2! Find out what we like, what we dislike, and how it compares to the original PSVR.

Plus... Konami jumps into the NFT game. We don't like it, and we explain why. But could NFTs actually make sense?

Happy Anniversary to Castlevania! Limited Run Games is releasing a physical copy of one of the best games of all time to celebrate! Find out which one it is, what it comes packed with, and what else is up for grabs!

And... what are Shamster and Kos' top three games of this past year? You'll find out, and a whole lot more, in... The Boss Room. Enjoy!

Episode 49 - The Old High Republic

Episode 49 - The Old High Republic

January 6, 2022

The Boss Room is back... so let's talk video games! This week... we dive into the latest and biggest game announcements, our current playlists, and some recent pickups. 

Let's discuss... Alan Wake 2, Wonder Woman, the new Stars Wars game, an old Star Wars game being made new, a missing Star Wars game that we're still waiting for, what’s next for Sonic, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Guardians of the Galaxy (what a surprise!), Cruis’n Blast, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and more. 

Welcome to The Boss Room. Enjoy!

Episode 48 - Boss Featured Topic: The Current State of Playstation 5

Episode 48 - Boss Featured Topic: The Current State of Playstation 5

December 9, 2021

Join us this week for a very special feature episode as we discuss Sony's possible answer to Microsoft's Game Pass service. Listen in as we explore the current state of the PS5 and chat about what we like and don't like about the console. Plus, find out what PS5 games have us most excited as we roll into year two!

Welcome back to The Boss Room. Enjoy!

Episode 47: The Best of the Best Black Friday Week Gaming Deals Episode

Episode 47: The Best of the Best Black Friday Week Gaming Deals Episode

November 21, 2021

BONUS SHOW ALERT! This week's extra-special episode will help you save CASH! We have the info you'll need to get the best Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox games cheap this Black Friday week! Many of the big-time sales we reveal are on now!

Plus, Imamu is back! Listen in as he dives into the state of the Xbox. And of course, we share what we’ve been playing and our latest pick-ups, too!

Welcome to The Boss Room. Enjoy!

Episode 46 - Very Small Hands

Episode 46 - Very Small Hands

November 18, 2021

This week... Shamster breaks down the Switch OLED and explains why it’s absolutely worth owning. Plus... how do primary and secondary Switches work? We discuss!

Kos’ has a full Retro World Expo recap for you. Find out what TurboGrafx-16 and Sega Master System games he played. Plus, he shares the deets on some cool new pickups.

Also... how about that newly released Zelda Game & Watch?! Find out what we like, what we love, and wow… those Easter eggs!

Kos is 100 percenting Metroid Dread! But why does he have to do it ASAP? Plus, what’s up with the Metroid Prime remaster?

All of that and more in this week’s episode of… The Boss Room. Enjoy!

Episode 45 - Hall Monster: A Boss Tomb Halloween Podcasket Special

Episode 45 - Hall Monster: A Boss Tomb Halloween Podcasket Special

October 28, 2021

This week... The Shampire, BoKosblin, and Retro Michel Meyers discuss must-play Halloween games. Listen in as we dig up some of the most scary moments in gaming.

Also... find out which VR experiences made Retro Mike scream.

Plus, the Little Nightmares series is super spooky. We discuss why it absolutely needs to be on your radar. And the Luigi’s Mansion games are in the [haunted] house. Which ones are the best?  

Did you know that ColecoVision games can be scary??? Retro Mike explains why.

Plus... the Last of Us 2 jump scares, the Resident Evil series, what makes the Metroid games so eerie, why Aien Isolation is a hidden gem of a Halloween game (that should come with a pair of pants), Until Dawn, and Castlevania are all on the menu! Oh, and Retro Mike is scared of Zelda! Find out why.

Welcome to The Boss Tomb... and Happy Halloween. Enjoy!

Episode 44 - Revoked

Episode 44 - Revoked

October 21, 2021

Let's dive into the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack’s astronomical cost. Is it worth it? And what’s Nintendo’s longterm plan for the service? 

The N64 and Genesis controllers for the Switch are sold out! No worries, though... we have details on a better, cheaper, and more widely available option.

Plus... some very upsetting Best Buy news that might make you angry! It's so bad that we're recalling a previous shout out!

Also... what makes Gamestop’s pro membership well worth its cost?

And last but definitely not least... the topic you've all been asking for. Our spoiler free deep-dive into Metroid Dread! Is it a Game of the Year contender (hint: yes).

Lots to discuss... so let's talk some video games. Enjoy!

Episode 43 - Dented Cardboard

Episode 43 - Dented Cardboard

October 14, 2021

It's Nintendo week! Let's discuss that big Smash Bros. news! Plus, the Switch OLED, Metroid Dread (including the Special Edition), and the new Samus and E.M.M.I. Amiibo have dropped! What was our trip into the wild (and onto internet web shops) like as we searched far and wide for those hard to find items?! 

Also... let's talk about Nintendo’s free holographic Metroid rewards posters and the current state of Nintendo’s physical rewards program (and online merch store!). 

All of that and more in this week's short and sweet episode of... The Boss Room. Enjoy!

Episode 42 - Chocobo Meat

Episode 42 - Chocobo Meat

September 30, 2021

Join us as we cover all the hot new incoming Nintendo games and topics, like… Mario Party Superstars (Kos is pumped, Shamster’s not - find out why!), the Hyrule Warriors DLC, Chocobo Racing GP, and our predictions for the new and final Smash Bros. character.

Plus, let's talk about that new 3d Kirby game. While we're at it, it's time to shed light on which games starring that lovable pink bubble-gum blob are actually really good!

Will the Mario Golf update finally make the game feel complete? And, what's the point of the Dyling Light 2 “cloud” version?

No... Triangle Strategy is not an online geometry learning platform! In fact, it looks like it's shaping up to be a great new HD-2D adventure.

Of course, we have to dish out some Metroid Dread info, too!

Plus, some huge news! Nintendo’s new online expansion brings N64 and Genesis games to the Switch. Which ones are we most excited for and why - and how much do we expect to pay? Oh, and how about those controllers?!

The Castlevania GBA Collection is perfect for the Switch Lite. We explain why!

Listen in as we review why the Mario movie cast might make total sense! Plus, find out what Shamster thinks could take Splatoon 3 to the next level! Bayonetta 3 gameplay has finally been shown. We discuss. And... find out how we scored the latest Nintendo Direct.

All of that and a lot more in the latest episode of... The Boss Room. Enjoy!

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